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Experienced. Responsive. Dedicated.

My husband, Torry and I are both graduates of public schools, and recognize the value of great schools being a cornerstone of a community. As a parent and Director for District C, I empower our community to achieve excellence and to provide leadership in meeting the challenges facing the next generation. Our students need to be prepared for a global economy, be nimble thinkers and possess skill sets that translate across multiple disciplines. Whether students choose a two or four year degree program, trade school, work, apprenticeships or certification, a high school diploma from the Cherry Creek School District must be a firm foundation for their next steps.

As a mom of four children, each with different interests, gifts and talents, I know the significance of a high quality teacher, an engaging classroom and a sound curriculum setting them on their path to be productive members of their community. It is essential for all our children. As a school board director, I partner with families, teachers, administrators and our community to prepare students for a bright future. A great education has the power to change the trajectory of a student’s life, and I want to continue the expectation of excellence for each and every student in our district.

"I am committed to creating excellence for all students, ensuring our board listens to families and puts students first."

                                                                                                                 -Angela Garland


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