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Wendy DeBell
CCSD Parent, Former CCSD Board of Education member and President

As a former involved parent in the Cherry Creek School District for over 20 years, and a Board of Education member for 10, years, I strongly urge you to vote for Anne Egan, Angela Garland, and Ruthie Knowles for Cherry Creek Schools Board of Education. These three diverse women have an impressive history of parental and community involvement, both at the school and district level, over many years. This involvement is vital to being an effective and knowledgeable board of education member. They have demonstrated commitment, collaboration, problem solving, relationship building, and most importantly, “have shown up” repeatedly to do the work as engaged parent and community volunteers throughout our district. They will continue to sustain and grow the “Excellence” for all students in our Cherry Creek Schools while valuing parents, teachers, staff and community. Please join me in voting for Anne Egan, Angela Garland, and Ruthie Knowles for Cherry Creek Schools Board of Education!


Harry Bull, Ed.D.

Former Superintendent of Cherry Creek Schools

For over 70 years, the Cherry Creek School District has delivered on a promise of excellence for all students with passionate teachers, rigorous academics, and renowned athletics and activities. At the heart of this legacy of excellence is a commitment to kids, above everything else. Angela Garland and Anne Egan have demonstrated that commitment to kids through their leadership and service on the board. Their dedication to student-centered decision-making, their commitment to equity and fairness, and their support for teachers have been instrumental in maintaining our district's high standards of education. Under their leadership, Cherry Creek has invested in innovation, a nationally recognized mental health school, and the best teachers for our classrooms. We cannot afford to let politically motivated candidates who do not see the humanity in all students move Cherry Creek backward. Angela Garland and Anne Egan will uphold this district’s commitment to excellence for all students and continue to keep Cherry Creek Schools at the forefront of innovation.

Dr. Scott Siegfried

Former CCSD Superintendent

The Cherry Creek Schools Board of Education is made up of five incredible volunteers who dedicate countless hours to serving our community and putting students first. I had the privilege to lead the district as superintendent during the tenures of Anne Egan and Angela Garland, two board members who embody the Cherry Creek commitment to excellence for every child. When our district shut down in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic, Anne and Angela and their colleagues on the board supported this district’s commitment to re-opening schools for in-person learning in fall 2020. They supported our investment in nurses and mental health staff in every school, which helped us meet the increased physical and mental health needs of students as we came out of the pandemic. Throughout it all, they also maintained CCSD’s commitment to academic excellence, career pathways at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus, and state-of-the-art security measures and trained staff for our schools. Beware of challengers making false promises with no reality-based plans for our schools. Anne Egan and Angela Garland have a track record of supporting the work that makes a real different for students and empowers families to help their children thrive in school and beyond. Re-elect them to keep Cherry Creek a district of excellence.

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